Holy moly Niamhers,

If anyone was regularly checking up on the site I would just like to say I have not died… with this pandemic I wound up uber busy. I did in fact find myself poorly with a chest infection that meant I was under quarantine for about three weeks.

But anyway! This blog is going to be on coping because there are just so many things happening in the world right now and they are all just as important as each other that you feel like your mind is stretched in a gazillion directions of what the most important thing to worry about is that you wind up stressing more than before.

At least that’s what I have been doing anyway, every time I focus on one thing to worry about, I feel like I am neglecting the other important issues. So, I think it is just really important especially right now to make sure we check in with ourselves, do some self-care, make sure we aren’t doing so much that its damaging us, but enough that eventually we can all say I did my part.

Amber is coping very well throughout all of this, she is loving all of the dog walks, and all of the attention. She has also become a bit of an Instagram model recently, we have been training her to start taking part in advert videos, she most recently starred in the TabbZ.co advert. She did very well it took about an hour to record, she had to walk past the camera and then sit and wait for me to tap on the TabbZ.co badge that linked straight to her Instagram. Very cool. Check it out… https://tabbz.co/

How is everyone else coping? Hope you are all well
Lots of love
Niamh and Amber