Evening humans!

It has taken me exactly approximately 50 minutes to decide what I was going to write about since I replied to my partner (absolute bae – that guys a whole different post) that I hadn’t even started writing the post yet. Anyway, I chose the topic of my car Penny 😊.

Penny, the beauty that is my car. I bought her on the day that I passed my driving test 7th June 2018. She is a pink fiat 500, (I hear you, Fix It Again Tomorrow, I get it!) well it really is true, I am convinced I shall be spending the rest of my adult life getting this car fixed. At first, she was brilliant, for exactly 62 days when I got that pretty little engine warning light, and she went into limp mode.

So, me being the new driver I was got stressed and wound up putting diesel in her (oops…) 🤦‍♀️. Obviously, she didn’t like this fuel and broke down… as expected. Since all that palaver, she has had, four new fuel injectors, a new fuel injector rail, an oil change, a new coil pack, new tyres and new brake pads. At current she is now due new wheel bearings, a new lambda sensor, oh and a new door handle. Apparently, a vehicle requires not one but TWO functional door handles to pass an MOT, 😡.

So, I would say there is a lesson here, but I think the lesson should really be FIAT’s problem – MAKE BETTER CARS.


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