Boy oh boy, do I have a lot to tell you. Okay so firstly, Penny’s fixed – phew. She did fail the first MOT on a tyre and the wishbone (arm and ball piece-y thing-y), but she will be officially okay after Friday when the wheel bearing is replaced. I’ve concluded she will likely have a whole new engine by the time my finance on her is paid off 🙄

Anyway, next piece of good news is that I actually have a potential career path. I am in the process of applying for teacher training for primary school years, and in order to even get on the training I needed work experience in a primary school and I only went and got some! I won’t lie, it has been a pain in my pretty behind to find some. You would think that in the UK with all the adverts on the television about getting people to go into teaching that schools would be desperate, but no. It has taken me since before Christmas to even be invited for a conversation about it. I would like to think that it is their loss – the rejectors. I always knew when I was being rejected by someone when they would say “could you send us an email?” or “we will give you a call back if we have anything”. After the first couple of weeks of waiting for responses and not getting anything back, I decided to bulk request. I think I phoned about 15 schools in one sitting? I stopped phoning when one of them gave me an appointment so very exciting.

Some more good news – I know today I am like a shot of LSD for you guys with all this exciting news. So, I have finished semester 1 of my third year at university and I have got an overall first. As in like, not a fail, but like one of the higher grades! Who knew there was actually something squelching around in here! Don’t ask me what grades I got the first two years I am sure I slept through them.

Oh and this weekend, ahem bare-with I am nearly done my partner is taking me for what I thought was called a lovecation but that turns out to be the title of a song. Side-note its actually quite good very 00’s spice girl vibe. He is taking me to Cardiff for the weekend très excitée. It’s like a God has taken pity on my little wee soul finally. Anyway, I will hopefully update you on how this weekend goes.

Love Niamh and Amber Xxx